Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is Ground Control to Major Tom . . . Pointalicious Pontiac Prototypes

2011 Pontiac Ventura, stillborn midsize four door "coupe" from GM's er, um,  Excitement Division. Click all photos to enlarge.
2011 Pontiac Tempest, would have been replacement for slow-selling G6 Coupe.
2011 Star Chief luxury sedan, larger G8 platform with 400hp, awd and hybrid option.

C H O P S — Oh, what might have been from Pontiac, GM's grand old division that was given it's pink slip last year. These chops were done when there was still a little bit of hope for Pontiac to make the cut, and have a long future. It didn't. It won't.

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  1. What great names Pontiac had. All of these look great, as does your G8 Safari.
    If you're looking for another car to draw (as if you need another), Pontiac's answer to the Mercury Marauder was the 2+2, the '65 edition of which was particularly fine-looking.