Friday, April 9, 2010

Infiniti to Sell Four Cylinders Again?

My small Infiniti R25 sports coupe predated by three years, today's announcement by Renault/Nissan that it will soon be offering its Infiniti G series with Mercedes Benz four cylinder engines. Which powerplant to be used has not been named yet.

C H O P / N E W S — Renault/Nissan's business deal with Daimler Benz earlier this week, with each company taking about a three percent interest in the other, is bearing fruit already. The first tangible result of this tie-in will apparently be the use of a Daimler Benz four cylinder powerplant in Nissan's Infiniti Division's current entry-level G series. Infiniti hasn't offered a 4 cylinder in a car since the second generation G20 departed in 2002. Infiniti's initial lineup in 1990 offered the G20, a front-wheel drive sedan, known as the Nissan Primera in other markets. It was quite well-received in the marketplace, though lackluster styling on the second generation model apparently sealed its fate. After 2002 Infiniti decided to move upmarket with a larger, more powerful rear-wheel drive V6 powered G35, and that sport sedan has eventually morphed into the current G37 coupe, sedan and convertible.


  1. Hey Casey,

    I enjoy your work every time I visit your website. Beside learning which cars you favor, I know understand where art and color come from.
    Do you like do chop old Itlaiano classics?


  2. thanks Woody! i can't seem to remember any old Italian cars that I've chopped. An idea for the future!

  3. I think some old lambos and Alfa would be sweet!