Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is the World Ready for a Lincoln Hatchback?

Lincoln Cross Star—historical Lincoln styling trait, suicide doors, reinterpreted on a compact all-wheel drive hatchback. In 20 years, I think this might be considered a large car. Click to see larger.

C H O P — This small Lincoln's base photo was a Citroën concept car from this past show season. Just about the only part left from the original is the license plate though. I left the wider european plate as an indication perhaps of where this car could first be sold. The small rear doors, or access hatches as Saturn called those on it's Ion coupe, would only open if the front doors were opened first. 

This car could have use of Ford's smooth and powerful new Ecoboost engines, perhaps a 4 cylinder with approximately 225hp, and weight could be kept as low as possible with expensive carbon fibers and alloys, allowed at the price point a small Lincoln could be sold for. 

The "Cross" part of the name comes from a new lightweight crossover platform with all-wheel drive and a slightly raised driving position. This luxurious small car would be capable of 40 mpg, with perhaps a hybrid option for close to 50mpg city.


  1. I would certainly consider a car like that!

    1. thanks. This wasn't one of my more popular cars, lol. You have good taste! : )