Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It Only Took Three Years to Catch Up With Me; Turbodiesels Slated for the Mustang?

Mustang Grandé Turbodiesel I chopped three years ago. Boy, did I get an earful at the time! Notice the TDi badge behind the front wheelwell, just above the additional low-set engine compartment cooling vents. Click to enlarge.

C H O P — At least three years ago, I decided that the Mustang deserved a third bodystyle in addition to it's fastback and convertible models. I've always loved notchback coupes, those with a 'three box' style, or a separate trunk in other words. I also thought an additional trim level would be appropriate, in this case, the Grandé, a luxury Mustang not seen since the early 1970s. In addition to these changes to the regular production Mustang, I decided it should be equipped with a Turbodiesel engine, hence the TDi designation. Modern turbo-diesels have ENORMOUS torque, great power and awesome gas mileage, all desirable traits for a Ford sports model in my humble opinion.

Boy, did I hear from the non-adoring masses with that last decision, lol. I was posting my chops at various car-related forums, Autoweek Combustion Chamber, Motor Trend and a few others. Nobody agreed with me that a turbodiesel could be used in a Mustang. Everyone said that Ford would be crazy to ever consider a diesel engine in the Mustang, that it would be blasphemy etc.

Well, well, well, once again artandcolour calls it years ahead of time, hahahahahaha.

In an article just posted at Autoblog.com, they broke a story that Ford might, just might, consider a Turbodiesel engine for the Mustang in Europe. I'll take that as a 'yes.'

I never said which country the 'Stang TDi would be sold in. : )

Mustang Turbodiesel article from Autoblog

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