Monday, December 20, 2010

$1.19 Car of the Week-A-Palooza!

I hit the "jackpot" today at the grocery store! I found not one, not two, but three very cool tiny cars to bring home. 

M Y   C O L L E C T I O N — The first Matchbox toy car I saw today was the black Morgan Aeromax on the left in the photo above. This is an awesomely styled contemporary coupe from one of Britain's oldest privately owned car manufacturers. Read a road test of the Aeromax by Autoexpress here. For a Wiki history of Morgan, a fascinating company, click here. I'm thrilled to have a little representation of such a limited production car—they only made 100 of the real thing!

Next to the Morgan above, is a '71 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser wagon, complete with woodgrain sides although they left it off the tailgate. Making up for that oversight, sticking out of the rear window is what looks like two dogs, molded in black plastic, lol. Besides its 5-inch extended wheelbase compared to the regular Cutlass wagon, a full-size 121 inches, and the famous "vista" windows in the roof, this is the  car that was made even more "famous" by the That '70s Show on TV. Scale model wagons are pretty scarce, and this one is a great one to add to the Matchbox parking lot. 

Lastly, on the right in the photo, is the first tiny Volvo P1800S I've ever seen, a 1967, and it's a blue beauty. This is the car Roger Moore drove in The Saint. The grille has the correct texture, a decal, there are teeny-tiny amber-painted parking lights, and the taillights are painted red. V-O-L-V-O is picked out in silver paint just below the trunklid and the overall proportions are just about perfect. 

For a total outlay today of $3.57, I've added to the fleet, two classic British cars and an iconic American station wagon. Not bad. And they easily fit in my backpack for the bike ride home, lol.


  1. "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." LOL

  2. Casey, you've prolly already thought of this, but those little packages would make great wall art...not quite the caliber of a needlepoint Mona Lisa, but, then, what is? Love the blogs. Where do you find all the time?! signed Mississippi Kittenfish (one of your fellow C.O.W.s).

  3. ah, my first C.O.W. comment, lol! I might make up some sort of installation with these little cars. I did it haphazardly once, on a piece of plywood, but they kept falling off. If I spent more time on it, I think it would work. Hope you keep reading!