Friday, December 10, 2010

The Lighter Side of Politics, 1992

This Bill & Al Fire Island couple is a refrigerator magnet and dates to 1992, the first Clinton/Gore administration, as does the "Elect Hillary's Husband" pin. My mother wore that pin proudly throughout the election season that year. She also predicted that Hillary would be our first female President, and I'm hoping that may still come true. My late friend Andy sent me the magnet and it has been on every refrigerator of mine since then!


  1. Great magnet Casey! I never realized Bill was so buff - Al doesn't look to bad either. It explains why Hillary is smiling :)

  2. Maybe a little photo "doctoring" was involved?? Whatever the case, that is GREAT image! :)
    Your mama was WAY ahead of her time I would say..Must make you proud to know that.