Saturday, December 11, 2010

Morning Light: Dust, Clutter & Vintage Hues

With the leaves off the trees now, my apartment is flooded with morning light. My little 'ol camera has a hard time adjusting for the small areas of brightness next to the darker shadows, but I think these photos are fairly representative. The lighting changes by the second; what light is shining directly on a certain piece is usually gone by the time I fire up the camera. As usual, dust is everywhere. I'll be doing my "seasonal" dusting before the end of the year however!

Not so much visible dust, but the harshness of the morning light is really striking in this photo. The clutter of my overlapping collections is readily apparent as well. I really liked the way the sun was hitting that 1940s color portrait.

Gratuitous Clutter Photo: 
My second floor central hallway has lots of vintage colors in it, although no direct light hits it. The red and yellow combination I like so much on the Prince Albert can is present in these 1920s game boxes: Milton Bradley's Game of India and Bingo. Handmade antique boat toys rest on the top of each game box. An early 1950s Hummel "baby face" is on the left, and a late 19th century oil painting of Stony Creek harbor is hanging on the right. A brass candelabra given to me by Hoohoo on my sixth birthday is in the center. The plan was for me to become a young Liberace, lol, as I had been playing piano for a couple of year already by that young age. The best laid plans...


  1. Cool lighting and subject matter. I love seeing "things" in a new light (literally and figuratively) Thank you for the peek.
    I also LOVE that Hoohoo gave you the candelabra at such a young age and even more that you kept it!! I was just starting to play around age 6 I believe..maybe 5..can't remember anymore. Never was that great at it, but enjoyed playing for church, school, etc.
    OH, thanks for the memo on dusting..I didn't get the memo that we are to dust once a year. Don't know that I will be able to do it this year, but will put it on my calendar for NEXT year (maybe)!! lol
    HI AA, TG, X, AP, Paul, Woody and everyone who is wandering in today..

  2. Hi Mare!
    I'll have to change the frequency of my dusting cycle to match everyone else's here, I was on the 2 year plan, lol.

  3. Hi everybody...dust, yes I have a few....too few to

    The top shelf over my desk, home to my pig with wings, I can never reach for dusting and sometimes when the a/c or heater goes on it's like a snowfall of dustflakes falling on my head.

    Casey, I have been messing with the ISO setting on my little camera, sometimes I find I can get a good shot without using the flash if I go to 400 or 800 ISO.

  4. I don't have ISO settings, just a control for exposure with + or - .5, 1.0, 1.5 etc. I've found that the photos are best if kept at -.05, but best is a relative term, lol. I can't complain though, with the thousands of photos I take every year. I have many film cameras, but I can't even imagine having to go to the trouble of geting the film developed and printed and then scanned or digitized. Sometimes the total amount of time I use to take a photo, clean it up and resize it in photoshop to posting on the blog is less than 10 minutes and doesn't cost anything!

  5. ... and for my niece it's quite the thing, she use to have several years on one roll of film...and I'm talking about those 12 exposure rolls. lol