Saturday, December 25, 2010

Forget the Sleigh!

Vintage Santa Clauses Ride on Skis, Tricycles

These vintage Santa Clauses date to the 1950s. The plastic Santa on skis is a container, most likely for pens or pencils. It's about five-inches high, with a deep space in his "bag" but the opening is pretty narrow, too narrow for candy or any sort of holiday treats. The Santas on tricycles are tin-toys, and operate with a key-wind. They ride around on flat surfaces quite well. The pinwheel-like ornament on the back of the tricycle is a bell that rings as Santa rides around; the spiral painted bell turns around and around for a crazy, op-art type of display. Although also made of tin, the "balloon" is mounted on a very thin wire, and flails around as the trike is propelled. They're really quite charming, and they've managed to stay with their original boxes.


  1. These are hilarious! And I'm so impressed that they've managed to stay with their boxes. That's something I never got as a child but now I wish I'd saved all the boxes of my Dinky's and promotionals and Plasticvilles.
    Oh well.

    Paul, NYC

  2. I have never seen those Santa's before. I think they are neat. Oh by the way the little matchbox cars were a BIG hit with my grandson. His fave was the GT. He also liked the harmonica I gave him. My choices earned me lots of hugs and thank you's. He's a great kid, but hey when you've got too older sisters you've got to be good.



  4. The plastic Santa is part of a light set. My grandmother had the full set. It had a snowman what also went with the set. It is great seeing it again.

    1. thanks! Evoking memories is what my art and photos are all about. I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog entries at some point! -casey