Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards, RIP

Oh, sad news. I just heard on MSNBC that Elizabeth Edwards died this morning. I knew she was ill, and I've read the news reports from the past few days so I knew her health condition was grave, but for some reason, it was still a shock to hear. I've lived with several family members that have died from cancer, I've gone down the same path with loved ones as she did, so I know what her family is going through right now. 

I won't say another word of her pig of a husband, they were still married at the end, but my heart goes out to her children, the youngest is just 10 years old. I'm reposting my most beautiful flower of the summer of 2010 in honor of this brave and intelligent woman. RIP.

• For the New York Times article about Elizabeth Edward's passing, click here.


  1. I'd just heard this morning that her cancer had spread into her liver - I didn't expect her to die quite this fast. Though in retrospect, my Mother only lasted three weeks after she got the same news.
    I agree with you Casey, you've really got to feel for her children, especially when they are so young. Losing your mother is never easy, but only 10 years old - too sad.

  2. She was a very brave woman in so many ways. Nice tribute, Casey.

  3. Some cancer spreads so quickly. My mother only had 6 weeks from diagnosis of a brain tumor to death—it was like the snap of a finger to me. We went through 15 of 30 radiation treatments before it was clear that it was progressing far quicker than it could be dealt with, and at 80 years of age, she made the decision to spend the last couple of weeks having dinner parties and friends over rather than continuing the debilitating treatments. The last 5 days weren't pretty, but she died at home which is what she wanted.

  4. I think the speed comes from the acknowledgement that all options have been exhausted. Hope extends life.

  5. I think you're right. I think the mind has powers we can't even dream of.


  7. I really admire Elizabeth Edwards. This was a very sad day. I, too, have watched loved ones slowly die from cancer. And there's a young friend of mine who's father died when she was 12. She came and stayed with me a lot those first few years. Now she is happily married and successful in her career, but we're still in frequent touch.

    Casey, your mother had real dignity. I'm sorry for your loss.