Monday, October 3, 2011

On the Other Hand, Summer Lingers . . .

A beautiful peachy-yellow rose in front of a local gourmet deli and pizzaria. They're growing in front of a picket fence and every photo of them looks like a magazine cover!

Although Autumn has arrived, I still have a few tomatoes ripening on their plants. Above, Brandywines, slowly turning their trademark pinkish red color.

My dahlias are still blooming as well. Dahlias like cooler weather, so same as every year, I hope the cool nights don't turn into frosty ones for several more weeks!

My pot of purple petunias has really exploded into full Technicolor with the shorter days and cooler nights. Isn't this variety, stunning?

The bright blue planter was a great birthday gift this year from one of my best-pals, Mary.


  1. By Thomas Moore

    'Tis the last rose of summer

    Left blooming alone;
    All her lovely companions
    Are faded and gone;
    No flower of her kindred,
    No rosebud is nigh,
    To reflect back her blushes,
    To give sigh for sigh.


    The only thing missing in your yellow rose pic is the fragrance...

    Thanks Casey.

  2. Thanks, Annie. I shot this rose on 9/25, but was surprised to find I hadn't post it. This will be one I will repost in the dead of winter, for sure!

  3. I just read that we are going to have an EXTENDED period of warmth and nice weather. This may be the last rose of summer but I'll predict more into the fall.
    Your petunias are gorgeous! Sadly, mine didn't survive the blistering heat we had here in August