Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Right Coast Greetings

My friend and fellow blogger, Woody, sent this photo yesterday of the sunset in Manhattan. Woody was in midtown on 7th Avenue visiting a friend at work, and shot this beautiful sunset. That would be the Hudson River and beyond that, New Jersey. It's just a breathtaking photo. I hope to feature more Manhattan photos in this blog in the future. (Thank you, Meghan, for the directional advice!)

Decades ago. I lived on 7th Avenue, downtown on the corner of 14th Street, in an apartment building called The Vermeer. Every once in a while, I still hear from the night doorman. He's an artist; we send postcards we each create. While he's retired now, and it has been thirty years since I moved out of the building, our exchanges are as friendly and as funny as was our long ago personal banter. Of course, the night doorman was the only one I ever saw, lol, as I tended to not venture out much during the day. 

Thank you, Woody!


  1. My pleasure and hope all of you enjoy it! it was shot with an I Phone 4, which of course I was using to taken in this spectacular photo moment.

    - Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone !

    Woody, that is a spectacular sunset! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Woody it's a beautiful picture. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    And to X "I'll save you the wish bone". lol

    Peace All.

  4. What a lovely sunset! Looks like it must have been warm the next day (today?)

    Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!


  5. Thanks for posting this Casey and thanks for sharing it Woody. STUNNING!! It's a perfect photo to daydream to.