Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Mercury Mountaineer: Never Gonna Happen!

I just received a request in the Comments section of my Lincoln Innovator post, for a new Navigator based on the Range Rover. It's a very good idea, and I'll certainly add it to my list, but we all know how long my list is, lol. In the meantime, here's my Mercury Mountaineer based on the brand new Nissan Patrol/Infiniti QX56. The result surprised me with how upscale it came out, I think it could have been a Range Rover competitor, and with its full-size and (I think) separate body and frame, it might have actually given the RR a run for its more-than-ample money. There is a rugged handsomeness to this Mountaineer I really find appealing, even with its slight two-toning, a feature rarely seen these days. I'm hoping that at some point in the future, Ford offers a "Mercury" option for some of its cars, using Mercury cues like the waterfall grille and high-tech looking bright trim, as well as its great two-tone interiors.


  1. That's one really handsome car, Casey! You guys have RUINED me! Now I'm really looking at every car on the road, car ads in magazines and even the dreaded car ads on TV (which I used to mute)! What have you done???? LOL

  2. Oh yeah -- really off-topic and I apologize to those of you here who are not fans of Ross Mathews, but here's a link, Casey, to Ross on the red carpet at the AMAs. The segment was on Jay Leno on Monday:


  3. thanks, Katie. Ross is always entertaining! and I'm glad you're really noticing cars these days. in checking my stats recently, I noticed people in 7 countries reading my blog, as far apart as New Zealand and Switzerland. I hope they're all seeing cars in a new way too!

  4. I believe the original Mercury was sold as the Ford-Mercury for the first year. I've seen hubcaps with both names on them. I think an upscale Mercury trim/equipment package would help bridge the gap between Ford and Lincoln (hmmmm.... sound familiar?) while avoiding taking Lincoln too down-market.

    As far as your world-wide reach with the blog, I'll bet your readers in New Zealand are seeing all kinds of cars we might never see. Seeing cars from down under always seems to me like looking into an alternate universe! They look familiar but different. I'm sure there must be Australian car magazines but I've never seen one. I'm sure they'd be of interest!

    Paul, NYC