Saturday, November 6, 2010

Please Help the Girl . . .

From the top of the envelope : "Please help the girl who must take coins from scotch tape by using only one small piece of tape on one side, and covering less than half the coins." Can you imagine such a request today, lol? Click image to read the sexist goofiness!

I photoshopped this mid 1960s pattern envelope on top of an outdoor shot to make it a horizontal, but the wording on the envelope is what is so fascinating. The envelope isn't dated, but my grandmother's address on the back has a ZIP code, which started in 1963. This is around the time she was diagnosed with cancer and was bed-bound for a couple of years, so I think this has to be from '63-'64. The pattern is from the New York Daily News. The envelope seems to suggest the pattern was a headscarf, but perhaps it was a generic design for the patterns department because inside is a needlepoint cloth with an eagle printed on it. There is a printed instruction page for the needelpoint pattern also, with color choices for each section.

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