Sunday, November 7, 2010

PuppyUpWalk! Walk for Cancer in Seattle Today

This is a 6-ft banner I helped my buddette Bette with, for her PuppyUp! Walk in Seattle, Sunday, November 7th. All of the various pieces had been used in earlier promotional materials for other fundraisers, so it was my challenge to come up with something that fit from the existing pieces in order to create an identity throughout their various new endeavors. For the full skinny about the walk, jump over for Bette's writing at Walking the Dog. Scroll down and read the story of putting on a walk such as this. Bette's on TV in some of the vids she embedded. I've already told her when she's a big star she has to take care of this broken down old artist, lol. Save the dogs, save the people!

Suddenly Last Summer
Totally gratuitous artandcolour image of a white dog running after me, well, chasing me, earlier this summer. I think he was growling with laughter. I was on my normal afternoon in-town bike ride.


  1. I like the one-legged man walking his three-legged dog. lol Sorry couldn't resist...

  2. wouldn't it be nice if our politicians worked together like that? : ) There's probably an example there for them...

  3. Maybe he thought you were the postman! lol

  4. The dog is thinking one of two things:
    (1) Playtime!
    (2) Lunch!

  5. I think I was going to BE lunch, lol. his owner was right behind me, and he actually turned out to be quite a nice little dog.