Friday, November 5, 2010

n o v e m b e r c o l o u r s

Outdoor shots of the fall gardens taken at night with a flash
Mini gourds, tiny lemon cucumbers, and a hunk of granite keep an evergreen myrtle company in this winter pot.

Goldenrod has turned silver with the frost. 

Small purple aster is still sort of blooming.

Ornamental grass is ready for fall arrangements.

I've moved this planter from the backyard to the porch right next to the house. It hasn't been hit by frost yet. The purple foliage really looks great next to the salmon painted clapboards.

Foxglove and sedum still look great in a fall garden.

Wild mustard, which I plant and cultivate, lol, takes on an almost waxy appearance at this time of year.

These lawn ornaments, escaping from this photo, will come inside soon.

Time to clean the hewn granite bird bath...

Lilies, irises, and ornamental grasses hunker down for the coming winter months.

A miniature laurel is wondering where it will be moved next year. This is its third "home" this year, but I like it where it is now, so it can grow old there.

Moving Indoors
One set of horizontal surfaces—Every horizontal surface in my abode is covered with cars and collectibles.  Here's a '73 "colonnade" GTO in white, a rare car when new and a mighty cool Johnny Lightning today, and an equally rare-when-new '65 Chevelle 300 2 door wagon, also in white. Another GTO, a gold '69 coupe is at the bottom next to a red '58 Impala. Also note the '53 Corvette Dinky toy with the white paint flaking off.  I touched up the red interior a few years ago, but am leaving the exterior the way it is. The 1950s Grundig console record player/radio is the bottom surface.

The Thanksgiving cactus in my southeast window. It's early!


  1. “Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower” ~ Alvert Camus

  2. Someone made a model of a Chevelle 2-door wagon! What an odd and wonderful choice. I guess Chevrolet made the two-door wagon to serve as the basis of the downsized and resurrected El Camino. That, and the Ranchero, were really just two-door wagons with a pickup bed in place of the rear seat and load area. We had two two-door wagons, a 53 Dodge and 56 Plymouth. I love the Dodge -- I wasn't so crazy about the Plymouth. It was a real stripper and when we got it (used) it had 1 sunvisor, no armrests, no outside mirror and an aftermarket radio. I saved up and bought my Dad a very elaborate outside rear view mirror for Christmas. It didn't suit the car AT ALL but he was very gracious and had it installed!

    Paul, NYC

  3. it's a Johnny Lightning Matchbox size Chevelle wagon. That's the type of small car I used to seek out-the production cars that were rare when new. I think it's great companies like JL know about those cars and choose to make models of them.