Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lincoln—Moving Forward

And now something brand new... My Lincoln Zephyr Hybrid 5 door hatchback. 

C H O P — I began with the just-released Peugeot 508 sedan. I extended the wheelbase in front of the cabin and shortened the overhang as I added the current Lincoln trademark split grille. For the greenhouse, I left the thick chrome trim around the windows in the doors, to emphasize a "sedan" look even though I've made it a fastback hatchback. For the "sixth" window, or the C pillar glass, I indented and inset a frameless triangular pane complete with the Lincoln Star logo. The classic Town Car's C pillar opera windows were "frenched" into the vinyl roof, making them non-contiguous with the greenhouse windows, and that's the reason I added these windows without including the chrome frame around them. It's a Lincoln touch in concept if not the usual execution. This car carries almost none of the perceived Lincoln cues, with the exception of the grille, suicide doors and Star logo, but I think it's a high-quality looking car, and would help move Lincoln forward in the 21st century. 


  1. When I first looked at this, I thought "Well how the hell do you get into the back seat?"

    Then I realized it's got that Lincoln Continental door handle styling like the car JFK was shot in. (Sorry for that image.)

  2. yeah, I actually used the handle from the Rolls Royce Ghost sedan. I love suicide doors!

  3. Excellent ! The car is quite beautiful and would be what Lincoln needs soon . I could see this being very popular.

    I really like how you conclude the rear side windows with a formal - yet- soft right angle. Very modern with a respectful nod to automotive traditions .

    And do I see thin chrome accents on the B pillar? Its the perfect light touch . Those highlights add a delicate element to an area most car makers seem to let stagnate.



  4. Very cool recipe on this one and wish Lincoln was a bit more bold. I do have to admit I see a bit of Jag XJ towards 90 degree triangle window. Very nice fit!