Monday, June 21, 2010

Artandcolour is in the Details. Many Details

M Y  A R T — When I'm done with a new piece of art, I shoot photos of them, usually outside for the best light. I color correct the images so they best represent the originals and post them on my Flickr album. While they're certainly representative of my work in terms of color, layout and subject matter, they never really convey the details that are in each piece. Working on wood allows me to add texture into the pieces, and the fact that I sand them and tend to 'erase'  parts of them and allow the wood's flaws and knots to show through etc, is pretty much lost when I photograph the entire piece. Today I decided to place some finished pieces on my scanner and show as many of the details as possible. Though these scans are just small sections of larger pieces, the point was to show the minute details in my pieces, and I'm happy with the way I was able to do so.

These pieces use paint, paper, gold leaf, silver foil, lead pencil, polyurethanes and in some cases metallic or mother-of-pearl glazes and even dried leaves. They're created on wood of various types, ie new pine boards, plywood, antique chestnut, vintage clapboards, and any other wood I can lay my hands on, lol.. Please click on each image to see all the juicy details! : )

Hit the jump for four more images.


  1. I like these pieces quite a lot Casey. I love the combination of patterned order and detailed chaos.

  2. thanks Ish. these are all small sections of larger pieces. my scanner only has a letter-sized workspace and my pieces are all quite a bit larger than that. I really like the way the details pop in these scans.

    "patterned order and detailed chaos." awesome description! I may use it in my next PR piece, credited of course. In college my senior music composition was "Written Improvisation" using bubbles circling the notes the players could choose from and specific time lengths for each measure instead of a rhythmic pace, so each time it was played it would be different even as they held to the outline. i'd say your description of my art would have fit my music as well.

    if you don't see this I'll ask you at JMG, but I'd like your blog addy again. I know it's something about cohokia. i'd like to add you to my blog roll ifyou don't mind.

  3. oh never mind i was able to follow your profile, duh, lol. : )

  4. I'll return the favor, Casey. Thanks.

  5. cool! not sure why my previous comment came up as anonymous. on my own blog, lolololol.

  6. Wow, these are fantastic.

    You've really given me some inspiration for some of my own projects and things i need to do in order to get my textures back up to par lol.

    Any friend of Baji is a friend of mine, i'll be sure to keep reading / commenting on your posts :)

  7. Hey Cameron— Welcome! Thanks for stopping by, and for commenting. Yeah, I've been familiar with Baji's work for a few years-various forums-great stuff! I feel the same—any friend of his is a friend of mine too.