Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Three Lambos from the "Not Anytime Soon" File

"Honey, the kids are late for school. Can you get them there NOW?"

Long before the Estoque concept was revealed, my QV350 was the family Lambo. Click each image to enlarge.

C H O P S — I really need to finish labeling all of my older posts. I didn't see the need to do so on this blog until I hit the 150 mark for posts, and now I'm closing in on 200 in a couple of weeks. I was pretty sure I'd remember every post I ever made. . . At first I kept a file on my mac's desktop of images I've used in posts, then in a rush one day I neglected to do that, and then the floodgates of disorganization just flew open, lol. Until I finish the labeling, my dear readers just may have to see some duplicate chops. I'm really trying not to post chops more than once, unless they have a valid reason for it. "Forgetting it was posted" isn't a valid reason, imho. : )

All that was a lengthy introduction to my three least-likely Lamborghini chops, a 4 door sedan, the QV350, a MINIVAN, the LMPV-002, referencing the mighty, and now classic, Lambo off-roader, the LM-002, and a revived 4 seat Espada. I'm also posting my Lamborghini QV350, a sedan I chopped a few years before the gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS Estoque concept was unveiled. This sedan concept has been rumored to be greenlighted, and then rumored to be shelved. Who knows? I think mine is a bit leaner looking, more in the direction of '60s and '70s Italian exotic sedans with a plentiful greenhouse and minimal bodywork. I've always been in love with high-speed saloons! Click each link for the Wiki on each car.

Chopped several years ago, this revived Espada chop isn't finished to a high degree. Let's call it a painted clay model now. Except for the recent Estoque, Lamborghini doesn't have a suitable front-engined platform right now anyway.

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  1. At last, a minivan I can drive and not loathe. (Until the first repair: What does Fiat stand for?)