Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Mistake, Dying Batteries, WOW shot!

Not Photoshopped, but the byproduct of low-energy AA batteries in the camera. You MUST click this image to see it larger. It floats above the blue background I swear! : )

D I G I T A L   P H O T O G R A P H Y — I just completed my morning 'walkabout' around the yard, and shot my twenty-five photos for the day. This is the last photo I took before the batteries in the camera died. I can only think that the low-power batteries didn't have enough 'juice' to process the greens of the foliage. This is not digitally altered in any way except to resize it for this blog down to 1,000 pixels. I'm floored by this shot. 

Of course, I could create these colors any time I want, with a few quick clicks and drags of the mouse in Photoshop, but I'm not a fan of 'forced natural beauty' like that. This completely natural 'mistake' left me speechless when I first saw it! The yellow and orange of the flower is exactly perfect, matching the original better than I've seen my camera do before. and it just hovers over the blue foliage in an almost 3D effect. I think this will have to be included in the series I'm currently creating on wood.


  1. HI, "followed" you here from Ross' Blog and I have to say the flower photo is AMAZING! Love it and am totally enjoying your blog! mare

  2. Thank you Marejohn, and Welcome to my blog. It's truly humbling to me, someone that considers himself an artist, that the best photo I've shot in a LONG time was a complete mistake, lol. I shoot at least 25 photos every day for the discipline, but this one blew me away this morning.

    Hope you check out "casey/artandcolour'" again! I really enjoy Ross's blog too. I think he has the nicest group of people of any 'celebrity' blog out there. it's a real community, and he's such a real person! Love your little doggie photo!

  3. Love this photo Casey.
    Gerber daisies have always been one of my favorites.
    Though the Virgo in my wants to pluck that one stray petal ! LOL!

  4. thanks, Keith. I actually LIVE for the imperfections!
    : )

  5. If I were to tell you I'd love the yellow flower as a screen saver... What would it cost me?

    RW- Scottsdale, AZ

  6. RW: i think $7 million dollars would cover it. hahahahaha. no charge, just keep checking out my blog please.

    what size do you need it for you monitor? my digital cam is a cheap one, so i don't have unlimited resolution, but i shoot at 230 so I should be able to make one for just about any monitor at 72dpi. let me know, and i'll resize it and post it to my photobucket where you can download it. I don't think photobucket automatically resizes things down any more. i know Flickr resizes still though.