Friday, June 18, 2010

Crouching Tigers, Driving Dogs

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C H O P — It doesn't happen very often, but I really can't remember what the original car was in this chop, lol. It very well might have been any number of ill-proportioned, or frankly ungainly Chinese cars in the news these past few years, but for some reason I don't think it was. It might have been a Korean Daewoo... Whatever it may have started out as, I've made it into a compact RWD Chinese sport coupe. It's now a pleasingly proportioned Crouching Tiger, presented in a silvery-mint green with a dark henna or russet leather interior—an odd, but one of my favorite, juxtapositions of colors.

Why Crouching Tiger, besides a partial riff on a movie title? 'Cuz the Chinese are the absolute KING of, shall we say, colorful, names. These are some examples of Chinese cars shown in the last year, for realz—Dongfen Crazy Soldier, Geely Beauty Leopard, Geely PU Rural Nanny, Tang Hau Book of Songs (seriously!), and Tang Hau Detroit Fish. I think Crouching Tiger is almost blasé in comparison! Click image for maximum beauty!

B T W : 

On second thought, this is not the way you should be transporting your Great Dane, fabulous 1961 Thunderbird convertible or not.

Driving with Dogs
One of my close friends, Bette, lives in Seattle so we don't see each other very often—twice in 10 years maybe, lol. We email almost daily, and we keep up through our blogs. She's the coolest artiste-type, (would I know any other?). Bette is a cinematographer with many credits, an avid gardener, auto mechanic, full-size Boy Scout cutout owner, inventor, owner of Tiny Growl, and now blog owner/writer. She is a huge animal lover and a tireless proponent of animal rights—think of a young Doris Day without the hit songs—yet! She has created the ScooPup Pocket, an awesomely simple and attractive carrying bag for dog poopies, and writes Walking the Dog listed in my blog roll on the right side of this site. Her most recent post is about carrying your beloved pets in the car safely—safely for them as well as for you. When it comes to animals, there is no Que Sera Sera in Bette's life—it's all proactive and very much well-thought out.

While I haven't owned a pet since a few stray cats were forced upon me as a child, meow, meow my ass, I certainly don't hold a love of pets against people. It's not like they're Republicans, lol. I KID—don't write mean comments... Please check her latest post out if you own dogs, transport dogs, ever saw a dog on the street, or if you just want a good read. Click here.


  1. OK... The Tiger chop has been killing me all week. I've even Googled images and can't place anything but the Mercedes S Class headlights. My first thoughts were Mercedes, Ininiti G35 & Maserati. The quarter glass is keeping me up at night.

  2. while i can't remember the donor car, I can tell you that most of the time I don't add bits and pieces of other cars. Lots of choppers do that to good effect, but I almost always just modify one photo. I make selections and modify them in ways, with brushes and filters. I almost always just paint in the new details at the pixel level. I drew cars as a kid 24/7 pretty much, and when i'm using the mouse in Photoshop, I'm pretty much just drawing with a better pencil, lol. I wouldn't lose any more sleep!

  3. So I saw a Hyundai Coupe yesterday and if it didn't have the dip in the quarter glass it would be a dead ringer for the chinese chop. But it was obviously a Chinese car you started with as those headlights are right off a Mercedes and the Chinese have NO problem copying ANYTHING.

    RW, -Scottsdale, AZ