Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saving Grace Finale, and Today's Edition of the Playlist for My Own Series Finale

Cast photo from season 3 of Saving Grace. From left, Bailey Chase, Laura San Giacomo, Lorraine Toussaint, Yaani King, Leon Rippy, Holly Hunter, Gregory Cruz, and Kenny Johnson.

D A I L Y   L I F E — This is the first post about I've put up on this blog about a TV show. I've been watching Holly Hunter in Saving Grace for three of the four seasons it aired. Last night was the series finale, and OMFG. Six Feet Under's series finale blew me away, as did The Soprano's final episode, and in this writer's humble opinion, both were the best finales since the M*A*S*H finale aired, but Saving Grace just took the #1 spot for me. I didn't realize how much I had invested in each character, and in the storylines and in the premise of the show. Just like Six Feet Under's finale, Saving Grace tied up loose ends in a way that will ensure there will never be a made-for-TV movie. I was in tears by the time the screen went to black. The music for the final few minutes was The Calling's Wherever You Will Go, which was completely perfect for the storyline, and added that extra layer of intimacy and emotion that only music can.

Am I the only one that watched this series on TNT? None of my friends ever watched it.

For the Wiki on the series itself, including cast and episodes, click here.

For a 'video' of the song with plain greenscreens with the lyrics, (not the official video—if it's one thing I CANNOT watch is a music video of self-absorbed musicians. I am one of those that truly feels that video killed the radio star, lol, ) click here.

I'd like Wherever You Will Go played at my own finale. (If anyone is taking notes for my personal finale,  I'd also like Santana's brilliant Europa,  Linda Clifford's Runaway Love (the long-play version), the first movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Judy Garland's Somewhere Over the Rainbow, newest American Idol winner Lee DeWyze's version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujuh, and Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings.)


  1. This has now become spooky Casey... as I was checking out your blog today I was listening to this in the other window...


    If you place Saving Grace's finale above 6 Feet Under's then I will watch all 4 seasons -ASAP- if there's even a chance I'll have the same feeling I had when I watched 6FU's. I've said it a million times... 6FU's ending is the greatest 6 & a half minutes in Hollywood's hitory, TV or Film.

    I'm beginning to think we are related Casey!

    RW, -Scottsdale, AZ

  2. Hated the finale. Horribly disappointing, abrupt, unsatisfying. Loved the series, but so disappointed in the ending.

  3. RW: Now you have an opposing point of view, lol. But, yes, I put it above 6FU. Six's finale was a bit sad, but also a bit uplifting. That Sia song was in my head for weeks and weeks. It was great to think about their futures. Saving Grace's was only uplifting if you really thought about the characters. I'm sorry that my anonymous reader didn't like it. I was seriously touched. I think it's the type of finale that you could go back and re-watch the last couple of seasons and see exactly when they started writing the ending and how it will affect the characters. I've listened to that song by The Calling three times today!