Monday, June 28, 2010

BMW 3 series Hatchback-From Three Years Ago

The pre-facelifted 2007 M3 (E92) provided the base for this avant-garde 5 door hatch, a full three years before BMW introduced the 5GT and mentioned plans for a similar 3 series hatch. As usual, clicking on the image will enlarge it to a full 1,000 pixels wide.

C H O P — I created this sport "Touring" M3 in late 2007. I added 2 smaller side doors behind the main doors, that would give better rear seat access once the front doors were opened. Instead of minimizing the "Hoffmeister Kink" as so many Bimmers do these days, I enlarged it and made it the C pillar, actually leaning the pillar back in the style of some of the last generation Renault models, and my beloved Mercury Breezeways. I think a dramatic roofline like this would be perfect for a less-than-subtle model like the M3. It would also make the most of the room in the back without making the car any taller. I think one of the worst things BMW did to the 5GT is to make it so tall and "unsvelte." 

I've changed the body-colored rocker panel/front spoiler addenda to a polished aluminum or stainless steel adding some flash to the car without blinging it out too much. Interestingly, BMW has revealed that the 3 series will get it's own GT 5 door hatch in the next generation, but I chopped this one several years before. "They're Watching Me, Part 167!"


  1. You know, I love this design the more I look at it. I'd like to buy one. Sorry to disappoint, but no counterpoint on this one !

  2. that's OK. It's difficult but I can take the good comments too, lolol. I really hope the upcoming 3 series hatch isn't as dumpy as the 5GT is. there was a small BMW hatch as long ago as the '70s. The 1600-2002, the precursor to the 3 series came as a hatch towards the end, called the Touring. I don't think it was ever sold in the States officially though.