Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"How do you say, DeeGorgeous?"

My friend and neighbor, June, recently came back from France and brought me these gaily colored French cookies, Macarons. I loved the colors and presentation so I scanned them, lol. I have a tendency to save everything anyone gives me, quelle surprise, but I really wanted to eat these cute confections and decided a scan would be a better way to save and remember them. I can report that as soon as the scan was done, I promptly ate two. To paraphrase Lady Miss Kier of DeeLite once again, "How do you say, Deelicous?" Click on the image to see them in all of their crumbly cookie goodness.

For Martha Stewart's Parisian Macaron recipe, click here.


  1. They look very appetizing that it would be a joke just to eat one. The others will say, when is it my turn. LOL

  2. I don't usually eat sweets, but these are great, lol. i liked the colors too—they fit in perfectly with my blog!