Friday, June 18, 2010

Playing With Words. And Cars.

I'm a fan of rapid cars. I'm a fan of wraparound glass. I'm a fan of word play. What is there not to like about a small powerful hot hatch that embodies all three concepts? Thus was the project outline for my Seat Wrapedo, a bright red small sports hatch from the Spanish arm of VW. My Wrapedo is based on the Seat Ibiza, which uses a platform that also underpins the latest VW Polo and the brand new Audi A1. Besides the obvious change to the C pillar and rear hatch, I've lowered the car and taken some height out of the bodysides, an old kustom kar trick known as "sectioning." A full length black glass roof panel completes this muy caliente auto.


  1. I'm with you there Casey! I love wrap around glass as well as the 'floating' look ie. rear glass of Merc M-class, and Citroen DS3.

    I used to really like how the Subaru Liberty and Outback used to have wraparound glass area, but they've now moved away from that. All the quirkiness of Subaru have slowly disappeared with their new models. No more wrap around glass, no more pillar less doors which is a pity.

    Oh btw, thanks for adding me to your blogroll :-)

  2. i wouldn't have added your site if your work wasn't up to snuff! you're good and that's that! i, too, am sorry that Subaru seems to be going so mainstream. My mother's last car, besides her vintage Mercedes, was a mid 80s Subaru GL10 saloon, with every electronic convenience known to man back then, and then some. their uniqueness was what made them desirable. at least they still have the pancake opposed engines.