Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reflections in the Grundig, July 2007

This is a digital photo of the front of my vintage Grundig Majestic console radio/record player. I've done some sharpening and a bit of contrast and color to counteract the digital camera bias, but I haven't done any layering or superimposing. These are the actual reflections of some of the livingroom collectibles as of July 2007. The Grundig has an incredible polished wood front, that blends from black on the edges to a beautiful golden brown in the middle. In addition the grain is matched on each side in a technique that leaves the join absolutely invisible. The machine itself doesn't work right now, it needs to be rewired, but the case is still outstanding. 
The facade of the ca. 1955 Grundig today. I love the wood finish treatment and the design. The speaker grille slats are particularly stylish in that exhuberant mid-century modern way. The Grundig shield-like logo is highlighted with a gold 'V' almost exactly the same as its contemporary mid fifties Cadillacs, and the gold-tone Grundig Majestic script nameplate underneath the "V" has a definite automotive touch as well.

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