Monday, July 26, 2010

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor : )

Hey blog friends—just a note to say my little old iMac that i access the web with is starting to act up more often. it's 12 years old, about 112 years old in human years, so it might just not last much longer. If i'm not online for a day, or eleven, I'm fine, but just trying to find an alternative. I have a second Mac, much newer but it's not a simple plug-in to get on the web, and would have to schedule Comcast to come out and do whatever they do. So if you don't see me for a while, that's it. If my past experience is anything, I won't have any warning, other than the 'jiggles' I'm seeing now and again. But I absolutely need my net access to live and work so I won't be without it for long if it goes down.


  1. Yikes! If you disappear I hope it is for a very short time - I've grown accustomed to your face... you make my day begin... I've grown accustomed to your blog... It's second nature to me now... like breathing out and breathing in...

    You get my drift. LOL No more jiggling.

  2. from your mouth to the gods of computer's ears, lol. i've gotten used to communicating this way too, so I didn't want anyone to worry if i was off for a while. let's see how it goes!


  4. Have you seen this?


    Ah yes. Revenge of the stick man. Remember this?

    It made me smile.

  5. oh that WAS good! i'm sending the link to friends now. you really have to appreciate the imagination of some people, and when they choose to put it to something fun like that! thank you!

  6. Hey Casey,

    I think if you subscribe to FIOS they have an insurance plan for a few bucks a month that covers every electronic item in your house: computer, phone, stereo amp. Personally, I haven't used it yet, but a friend boosts about it.