Saturday, July 24, 2010

Same Sh**, Different Century.

The Title Page for the book Trial of Andrew Johnson, published by Congress in 1868. Click to see in greater detail. 

M Y   C O L L E C T I O N — Andrew Johnson, first President to be impeached by Congress. Johnson took over when Lincoln was assassinated. Long story short, the Articles of Impeachment were never passed, losing by one vote in three separate tries. This is the Title Page to Volume 1 of the book of the entire Impeachment proceedings, published by Congress in 1868. There were some lawyers on my mother's side of the family back then. It's interesting to peruse their pages, and see the handwritten notes in the margins, notating various points I suppose they wanted to remember for future use. 

I have many, many books dating back to the very early 1800s. I've actually scanned the leather-bound exteriors to use as backgrounds in some of my book designs. I have a huge electronic file of backgrounds I've created and used in the past twenty years, just for use in a book in some way, shape or form. And with Photoshop, they're all endlessly variable. What appeals to me as much as the actual image, is the Karma that old leather etc carries with it. I like to use 'good' vibes in my books.

It's my profound wish that in 150-200 years someone finds a book which I have designed. Except for one book I forgot to make sure I was listed in, lol, I have my name on the copyright page of every book I've ever designed, numbering almost 1,000 tomes by now. Who knows if anyone will save 'hard copies' of books anymore though. I never thought I'd live long enough to see anyone actually debate whether or not printed books would cease to exist, and yet this is the world we live in. Since I don't have children, and never will, my books and my art will have to serve as my legacy.

For a HECK of a lot more about President Johnson, his background, his Presidency, the Impeachment and the rest of his life, Wikipedia has a ton of information. Wiki can be hit-or-miss on some subjects, some of the information I've found there about cars is so wrong it's laughable. I try to read through their entries before I ever post a link to their page. I don't know a lot about our early Presidents unfortunately, but this entry seems chock full of decent information. Click here.

The title of this post? The more politics change, the more it stays the same, right? This entry was prompted by a 'news' item I just heard on TV. Certified Crazy Loon Tom Tancredo has called for President Obama to be impeached. Oy vey. It never ends!


  1. My sister and I recently had this discussion (read arguement). My brother in law owns several businesses and had an opportunity
    while Bush was in office to meet him. Apparently, there was a photo op at this event and he got his picture taken with Bush and then Bush signed it. Well, proud of this achievement, he had it framed and had it on the wall in his home office. That's where I discovered it. I'll keep it polite and only say that I was NOT a fan of George W. - and I let my sister know it. Fast forward, she's up here helping settle my Mom's estate, the TV in the background, and some news story is talking about Obama did this or that. My sister blurts out, rather retaliatory, " and what the hell has he done" blah blah blah, reverences back to my original disgust with all things Bush. You can imagine the verbage.
    At the end of the "discussion" she calms down and says "see, it doesn't matter which party is in office, at the end of the day, its always the same old s**t !
    Finally something we could both agree on.

  2. i bet that same argument has gone on in millions of households! somehow, i prefer Democratic shi** but in the end, you're right, it's all the same!

  3. I prefer Democratic "ideals" as well - but they need to stand up to the Republicans instead of always trying to compromise - and they don't. Too bad....

  4. and you're right about that too! spineless versus clueless. what a choice! sometimes I wish we had a 'rule' in this country that EVERY political office was a one-term thing. No one would ever be allowed to run again, so they'd have to make the most of every minute they were in office to get things done. It seems as if the reeelection campaign starts the day after Election Day, and so much doesn't get done because they're trying to get the next vote and don't want to rock the boat. Sometimes the boat needs to be tipped over to start again. One Term Only might do that, and it would end these career politicians that do nothing but save their OWN jobs.

    OK, soapbox grandstanding over, lol.

  5. You know really, sometimes you really scare the hell out of me because we think alike on so many different levels. But there is a big degree of comfort too.