Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Lincolns. And It's Still 100° Here

1961 Lincoln Continental Coupe, reproportioned for a long hood/short deck style, as if it was a Mark Coupe instead of just a sedan-based 2 door. Elegance and then some! Every body panel was altered to give it a close-coupled, tailored look. This was one of my first chops Peter De Lorenzo, Autoextremist.com, ran on his weekly website, establishing my bona fides as they say, and I'm forever indebted to him!

Station wagon based on a 1965 Lincoln Continental sedan. I tried to think of luxury items, sixties style for this chop. The rear glass and hatch opens up electrically and slides on top of the roof along those built-in roof guides. The lower tailgate includes the center section of the bumper and would open downwards at the push of a button too. The rear most quarter windows in the long side glass would tilt outwards electrically of course, making the driver's side power window console fairly crowded with 8 opening windows and 2 rear hatches. The more buttons the better in the Swinging Sixties! The original photo included those Cragar SS chrome 'mags' so I left them for a resto-mod appearance. I could SO go on a picnic with this luxury wagon!

Although the original photo was pretty low-resolution, I think this '64 Lincoln Continental coupe worked out really well. The 1966 lineup included a coupe, and it's really too bad the '61-'65 versions didn't include one. I think the lines are completely natural, and the perfect mix of 'sporty' and luxurious, as large coupes tended to be in the days before opera windows. padded vinyl roofs and other baroque details of the seventies.

Q U I C K   N O T E — It's still WAY hot in my house, fans just blowing hot air,  again much like me, lol. I also have about 100 more pages of book production tonight and then 150 photos to resize and cleanup before tomorrow afternoon, so I might not get back to the blog tonight. I'll be back to my good-for-nothing self tomorrow, I promise! Stay cool everyone and have a good night!


  1. Ah! A veritable feast of Lincolns! I think I remember that 61 chop from the Combustion Chamber and the 64 coupe is the one I referenced in my comment from yesterday. The wagon looks good too -- I could do without the Cragars but that's a minor point. Did you have a name for the wagon version? "Navigator"? :-)

    Paul (parnyc4248@aol.com)

  2. G'Morning Paul!
    I think this Continental Coupe dates from after the CC, but I might have done one back then also. I didn't necessarily keep all the chops I did back then. Never thought about a name for the wagon. Navigator might work; it's hard for me to separate that name from the big SUV image though. Maybe something simple like the Continental Touring wagon.... You're right about the Cragars too. I might find a different source photo and create a more stock-appearing wagon one of these days. so many chop ideas., so little time!

    stay cool today in NYC. it's sickly humid today.



  4. Shocking news: I'm an aficionado of station wagons too (http://www.marketplacemagazine.com/blogs/blog2.php/2008/07/03/a-wagon-by-any-other-name -- if I was in a lucrative line of work instead of journalism, I'd have an interesting garage). That's a great Lincoln wagon. Makes me wonder why Lincoln (or Cadillac until the CTS and CTS-V) didn't do wagons; there would have been, I imagine, a semi-lucrative market among the horse set, you'd think. (I have a vague memory of a Ford LTD catalog with a Country Squire -- woodgrain sides, of course -- either pulling a horse trailer or with dog cages in the back for the dog show set.)

  5. friends of my parents when I was growing up always had a new Country Squire and they had several horses too, lol! They always did the horse show thing. Their main cars were Lincolns, but they favored the Ford over the Mercury station wagons for some reason.

    Good post on your blog about wagons!

  6. I have found what appears to be the ultimate wagon:


    This is a Chrysler Town & Country of the mid-'70s. If the Caprice was battleship-sized, this is aircraft carrier-sized. And the owner added an Imperial front end. So this is a station wagon with fender skirts AND hidden headlights.

    Think I can talk my wife into dumping the minivan for this?

  7. OK, that's gorgeous! Hemmings Classic News did an article on wagons last year. They had a '75 LTD Country Squire, An Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser from '76, and a '76 Chrysler T&C. The Olds had a retrofitted Regency interior, only available on the 98 Luxury Sedan, and i loved it. I love this "Imperial" the same way. Ultra lux wagons are so cool! Thanks for the link!

  8. I love any long roof. This one is perfect! I had a '64 convertible in the mid '70s. Nothing drives similar to this era of luxury boat. It feels more like sailing than driving.