Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can a Columbo Remake Be Far Behind?

Sports cars have not played much of a role in Peugeot's history at all. This rear-wheel drive throwback 2-seat sports coupe probably wouldn't change that.

C H O P — This little 2 seat fastback sports car could add some much-needed street cred for the French brand if they were to ever return to the US domestic market. I tried to give it the feeling of the late, and lamented, Triumph GT6+, the MGB/GT and other small sports cars with tin tops, with the cabin set as far back as possible, literally hunching over the rear wheels. 

When I was growing up, there were only two car dealers in my town, a Chevy/Pontiac dealer and a Peugeot dealer. There were more Peugeots driving around my area than any other imported car, 403s, 404s, 504s, 505s, even the occasional small 304 and large 604 towards the end. The 404 wagon was THE car to have in the tony sections of town. I would love to see the French come back to the states with Citröen, Renault and Peugeot models.


  1. This is really a great looking car, nice masculine shoulders, but it doesn't read Peugeot to me. I know this was conceptualized as a new category for them but other than the inset lion it doesn't have enough of the imfamous French quirkiness to say its French - check out a pic of the Peugeot 908 RC. Would have been the perfect Chrysler Crossfire instead of the abortion they marketed.

  2. Oh, and FYI, I'm a BIG Citroen fan.
    I know I'm dating myself, but I love the Citroen SM - yes, the one that was introduced in 1970. (sigh)

  3. i started with some Peugeot concept I think.... can't remember which one. I LOVE that 908 RC! What an awesomely eccentric and so French luxury sedan! I really like their new Audi TT competitor too, the RCZ. I would LOVE to see that car on US roads. I used the RCZ as a base image for my all-French VW hybrid sedan, trying to break away from VW's staid, and repetitive design language. This is one of my favorite chops too:

    I could have sworn I had posted it on my blog but can't find it in the list. Do you remember seeing this VW? If not, I'll certainly have to post it.

    btw, do you watch True Blood by any chance? You probably have a rich full life so you don't, lol. I, on the other hand, can't decide if I want to take a vampire or a werewolf as a lover, rofl. They're all so hot! : ) I'm such a supernatural freak. I was in love with Barnabus Collins, a vampire, and Quentin Collins, a werewolf, when I was in junior high watching Dark Shadows. The new episode of True Blood just aired, and it was just awesome.

  4. oh, and i certainly remember the SM. In fact, someone at my college had a fairly beat-up white one when I was a senior in '79. It wasn't even 10 years old, probably only 5-6, and it was pretty trashed. I would kill for a perfectly restored one today. I remember looking through french magazines like Paris Match when i was a kid, and I think it was DeGaulle had a special SM Limousine! it was stretched into a huge 4 door, and still looked elegant as hell. I would probably kill for a perfectly restored DS 23 Pallas too.

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  6. It went through, unless you wrote it again! I"ll post my VW 'New Hybrid Sedan" today.

    I've been single my entire life. I finally realized about 5-6 years ago, that it was because I enjoyed it! I have enough trouble dealing with my multiple personalities. I can't imagine dealing with a personality in a different body on a daily basis, lol. at 53 now, I suppose I'm technically no longer single, but a spinster!