Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rapide Transit: Aston Martin Magazine

The opening spread for "Road Proven, Race Perfect" an interview with Dr. Ulrich Bez, CEO, Marek Reichman, chief designer, and David King, head of motorsports for Aston Martin, discussing the development of the firm's new four-door Rapide in the summer 2010 issue of Aston Martin Magazine.

M Y   C O L L E C T I O N — The Aston sales guy mentioned in the post about the V8 Vantage book below, also gave me the summer issue of Aston Martin Magazine. This issue is dedicated to their new four door super saloon, the Rapide, in both production and racing versions. There are articles about the Rapide at the Nürburgring 24 hour race, a discussion with the CEO, design director and head of motorsports, a test drive through Valencia, Spain, an article about the sound system and built-in acoustics, a virtual tour of the production process and much more, including many full-spread color photos of the Rapide in action and at rest. Another great addition to my collection! 

The magazine is perfect-bound, like a softcover book, 64 pages, and printed on heavier-than-usual magazine paper. The cover is a mix of matte and glossy varnished printing on rich-feeling stock—really good overall production values, another indication how well they know their clientele. I used to receive the Star, a magazine for Mercedes Benz owners, but it was much more of a 'normal' feeling magazine. Thank you, to the great guy(s) from Aston Martin New England.

The cover of the summer issue of Aston Martin Magazine showing the Rapide in race trim, nicknamed "Katie" because its license tag ends in KTE, and the production Rapide in the background. 

(Photographed in the viewing garden of Aston's new Design Studio in Gaydon, England.)


  1. Even their assembly plant and design studio are works of art (and colour,) Looks like travertine.

    It must be so much fun to be rich.

  2. I think they do everything well at Aston Martin. Even under Ford they were given pretty much free reign, as well as free money, lol. They have quite a team of engineers and forward-thinking execs too.