Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh Noes! Another Large Lincoln Sedan!

Chopped from the MKT concept, not the production crossover, this MKL would be a replacement for the Town Car. While I prefer names for cars, for this chop I went with Lincoln's current style of nomenclature, and selected "L" for Long, Limousine, or Large, to follow their MK prefix. There's a certain sleekness to this sedan missing in my other large Lincoln creations. I WILL bring back opera windows, at least slim vertical ones!


  1. I just plain love Lincolns! such a smooooooooothe ride!

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  3. Casey,

    And I can tell that you love Lincolns, too! Some of your best work has been with Lincolns -- if only Ford had as much imagination, style, sense of history, etc., that you do. It's absolutely ridiculous that they are getting rid of the Town Car at the end of the 2011 model year. Yes, it could benefit from some mechanical updates but the tooling was paid for years ago and it's all profit at this point. I'm not encouraged by what I've read this week about Lincoln's upcoming product plans. There's nothing about a flagship car. I hope they read the blog!!!

    Paul, New York City

  4. Maybe Ford is keeping its next flagship very tightly under wraps.... and maybe there will be a B segment Bentley, too! : )

    Now that Mercury is gone, I'll just have to keep trying to influence Lincoln, lol.

  5. Casey,

    Nice story! Most of the rooms in my house are white, feels like a hospital a bit. LOL.

    Sorry about your mom, but I'm sure she's proud of her son :)

  6. This is my favorite Town Car "replacement" of yours so far. The opera window works well in this design, as do the suicide doors. Now about that name.....