Monday, August 2, 2010

Glory Morning

My first Heavenly Blue morning glory opened up this morning. 

M Y   G A R D E N — I planted several morning glory seeds around the vegetable garden earlier this spring. Some never came up, but I've got three single plants on one side, and a beautiful grouping of them on the other side. The plants in this group have reached the top of the dar-green chicken wire fencing so I affixed some curly willow branches vertically to the wire fence, and some almost-invisible monofilament fishing line laterally between the vertical cedar posts for the vines to grow on. I'm surprised to see such early blossoms, morning glories don't usually come into their own until September. I'm not complaining though! 

I love these Heavenly Blue ones the most. Last year I didn't get around to buying seeds until it was too late to purchase the blue ones. I bought a Burpee package that said it was a purple mix. I cared for them as I do all of my plants, thought I wasn't looking forward to them as much as I do the blue ones, and when they finally opened up they were blue! I can't believe that Burpee got the mix wrong, but I was really happy to have them!

About 12 feet away from the vegetable garden and my blue morning glories, there are mounds and mounds of wild roses and brambles still growing, and this morning there were a few wild morning glories which are white. They have a totally different foliage, and the blooms are only about 3/4 the size of the blue ones, but are just as appreciated as the ones I planted.

A wild, but none-the-less attractive variety, this white morning glory is smaller than the blue ones.




  2. The photo you took of this blue Morning Glory is nothing short of spectacular! OMFG! The sunshine seems to radiate out from the center. I think I'm going to use this photo as my new background.
    WOW !

  3. G'Morning Folks!
    Granny: not sure if they'd grow in Florida! It might be too hot and too sunny. The blooms only last a couple of hours and then wilt by noon usually, unless they're in the shade. Maybe if you have a place that's not in direct sunlight.
    PX: thanks! That's why I love these blue ones the most. They're just stunning in person and in photos.

  4. Hi Casey,

    I'm new here. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed exploring your blog. Love the cars. I'm a car nut - '78 Porsche, '63 Citroen. No domestic cars since my '64 Impala Super Sport.

    Anyway, beautiful flower picture. I live in Massachusetts where wild morning glories love to grow on shaded chain link fences. They actually complement the old brick factories we have here.

  5. Hi Marius,
    Welcome! We have some of those fantastic old brick factories around the shore here too. I haven't been to see them lately but I wouldn't be surprised if they had wild morning glories on them right now too.

    Hope you enjoy exploring the blog! I try to update it at least once a day, usually more.

  6. Hi there. I have blue, purple and white MGs from a past planting, and I retrieved their seeds. Can you tell me if they are annuals? Cheers

    1. HI, Yes, morning glories are annuals but they sometimes self sow the next year. If you've saved the seeds, plant them and then keep saving them from year to year!