Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm Not Sure What This Is! Toyota Tercel X

Toyota's Tercel X—entry level, all-wheel drive, crossover hatchback. Um, sure. Click to enlarge this little jalopy!

C H O P — Sometimes I just start chopping a photograph without any clear idea what I'm going to do. In fact, I do that with my art as well occasionally. 

I know what bothers me about a photo to start with, so I begin by 'fixing' those items. Then at some point, a clear idea will develop, and I'll run with it. This time, I just kept changing things in Photoshop, adding and subtracting details, and this cool little car came out. 

I began with a Yaris sedan, a thoroughly competent small car, but not exactly a looker. You wouldn't say that about this car. Even in dark gray metallic, I think my little Tercel X would stand out anywhere. Besides the suicide doors, which are almost a trademark of mine, I used a vintage styling cue of a chrome beltline molding visually tying the door handles together. Instead of a full-length molding though, I used it only on the doors, for a contemporary, almost avant-garde slash of chrome. Heavy duty springs are visible in the wheel arches for a functional touch, and a roof rack is included for the occasional African safari, lol.

I think it has a very cute quality about it, almost that 'sit-up-and-beg' look that characterized some vintage British Fords. I began this chop a couple of years ago, found it last night while looking through some old folders on my HD and finished it tonight.


  1. Add AWD and a direct-injected turbo - give the Mini Countryman a beatdown.

  2. I almost gave it a name with 'man' at the end, so it would be obvious to Mini there was a new man in town, lol. couldn't think of a good Toyota-relevant one though. thanks!

  3. oh that's just too good! gives me an idea for a big brother to the Tercel X.