Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not So Out of This World: The Last Saturn SL

This is a Saturn SL I chopped in 2007 or 2008. I created it from a Dacia Logan, a low-cost car built by Renault in Eastern Europe. There was something about the Logan photo, below, that screamed "Saturn" to me. Maybe it was the color, a dark russet/burnt orange that the original 1990 Saturn often came in, or maybe it was the very basic shape of the car, the black rubber covered bumpers. I chopped in a wraparound rear window, similar to the original Saturn sedan but with a modern 'bend' to the C pillar, and also gave it a few newer Saturn cues such as the chrome trunk trim and side body moldings. For this photoshop exercise, I added realistic tree reflections to the roof, glass and trunk, and also made the wrapped glass seem realistic with highlights. I made the car lower, wider and gave it much larger wheels though I kept them the same rudimentary design. I gave it a contemporary high-end door entry system, accessible with a key fob only, totally contrary to both the Saturn and Dacia's mission in life, but hey, that's artandcolour! 

The original press photo for the Dacia Logan that reminded me of the '90 Saturn for some reason.

The original '90 Saturn SL in the color that it was so often delivered in.

PS: I've got 2 out of 3 fingers working pretty well again, lol. I guess I'm tougher than I thought I was.  I've got more cuts and bruises than I first realized. At this age I try not to look in mirrors very often, but I'm on the mend for sure!


  1. I hate the first Saturn SL. I'm not sure if it's the fugly front end, the Oldsmobile Cutlass ripoff wraparound rear glass, or the fact that a neighbor I hate constantly parks hers in the street and makes it really hard for me to get in and out of my driveway. Probably the latter, LOL ! Anyway, your Dacia update certainly maintains the essence of Saturn, in a cleaner and more neighborly form. Though I have to tell you, of all the recent nameplates we have lost in this depression, Saturn is definitely the one I miss the least.

  2. Hi Casey, I'm so glad you are on the mend, perhaps your "adventure" will end up the subject of a future blog.

    Last night I was 'surfing' television channels and ended up watching a show on NGCHD /National Geographic. It was a story of an aluminum ingot turned in to an Audi R8. I think the show was done in 2009.

    Anyway, thanks to you and my little introduction in car design, I started to watch this metamorphosis of metal. It was so interesting to see how this car developed. Audi executive mentioned how the front of the car was its face, the headlights it eyes. When I looked at some stills of this R8 it was so eerie, it actually looked like a face with a slight smug smile.

    I see that later tonight they will have a program on the Porsche 911 factory, I may watch or at least record.

    Well, I blather on... really just wanted to thank you for expanding my interests.

    Tomorrow it will be a three finger day!

  3. PX: I never really liked the Saturn either. The styling was usually awkward, it took them years to get the engine 'right' and the whole touchy-feely no haggle dealer thing was such a crock. They DEFINITELY should have dropped Saturn before Oldsmobile. Oldsmobile was more than 100 years old and absolutely could have been revived I believe.

    Annie: haven't seen that show yet, but I probably will. Glad you're enjoying a car revival interest! : )

  4. You know, fast forward to 2010, and what does the Chevy Volt remind you of ? Deja vu.

  5. I've tried to chop the Volt a few times. There really isn't anything to build upon. I'm not sure what they were thinking. It seems to be old GM design, not anything Ed Welburn would really oversee. Maybe the tech aspect through them for a loop.