Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Studies in Orange. And Red, and Green, and ...

Click on each image to enlarge.

D I G I T A L   P H O T O G R A P H Y — Looking through part of my archives tonight, a file with more than 6,000 digital photos in it, lol, certain themes kept presenting themselves to me. I decided to do a post with images primarily utilizing the color orange, and found these photos of textiles and flowers. My afghans are vintage, a mix of my grandmother's and my mother's handiwork, and the flowers are  dahlias I've grown and roses from an arrangement I once received from Mary.


  1. Thanks for the orange montage ;)
    So much to love here - The vintage rose arrangement is wonderful, it's hard to fault a dahlia whether it's displayed solo or in a grouping - and those afghans with the beautiful herringbone craftsmanship. All with a backdrop of Adele. WOW !

  2. Nature is so beautiful and I love the way you bring it to us. I was pretty sure I could indeed smell the roses...

  3. Morning Casey,

    Hope you're enjoying your fresh perked coffee. Cup 2, yet?

    Thanks for the pictures. Like them all. Pitchforks look like you borrowed them from the farmer in "American Gothic" and I like the shadow studies. That was something I always enjoyed when I was doing my old 35mm B&W photography. My Pentax K1000- The Chevette of SLR cameras.

    The colors go together wonderfully. Sometimes it's the unlikely combos that work the best.

    If you'll indulge an old guy with a degree in Art - How the heck did I get that? I like to look for the sometimes "accidental" familiar in abstract compositions. Your afghans look like a seascape with a fiery sunset sky...sorry, I'm on cup 3 of coffee.

    OK, enough rambling, but before I go, I think I remember being taught somewhere that several hundred years ago, the exquisite floral paintings were seen as a "memento mori." Beauty, like life, is a fleeting thing.

    Hate to end on that note, but that's all I have. Smiley emoticon here.

    Enjoy your day.