Sunday, August 22, 2010

Impressionism Via the Oops Method

It was early, too early in the day for me, but I have to get myself outside in the morning to see my morning glories. It was the first shot of the day, I hadn't had my coffee yet, and I was certain I wasn't going to be able to capture a single photo of this butterfly unless I took it RIGHT NOW, lol. I must have shaken the camera, or I was shaking, but the image was totally blurred out. When I saw it in Photoshop though, I really liked it. It had all the imagery I desired, and the blurriness really didn't bother me. I added a slight bit of "Film Grain," a filter that recreates old-time graininess to digital images.

Some artists devote their careers to furthering the art of blurriness. Susan Mikula comes to mind, Rachel Maddow's partner.

Even with its blurriness, click on this image and I think you will find it pretty interesting as it renders larger!


  1. Casey, this is the way everything looks to me if I don't have my glasses on! LOL!
    I do like it's impressionistic qualities though. Makes me wonder if Monet just painted what he saw -hmmm....

  2. I'm blind as a bat without glasses. Every time I take them off for any reason, I have to put them in EXACTLY the same place so I can find them. The few times I haven't, and put them down "sure" I'll remember where, I've lost them and then I panic because I just can't see well enough to find them and I only have one pair right now.

  3. ME TOO, ME TOO.



  4. Morning all...I just made it under the noon waking curfew. It is so wonderful to wake up grab a cup of coffee and stroll down the streets of Blogsville seeing what all of you have been up to since last we met.

    Marius made a comment to me about the unsureness of starting his blog and now the finding of new friends. I kind of think of this area of Blogsphere a kind of Bohemia where all the artists and wannabe-artists live and exchange ideas.

    We are like real people and even have serious discussions and exchange of ideas. lol [We ARE real people, I pinched myself to make sure.]

    Casey, I would love to have a bunch of homes, small though, a log cabin in the woods, an A-Frame in the mountains, a cottage at the shore and maybe a loft in a city somewhere... the list goes on.

    I'm going to through my pictures and find the ones of a cottage I rented for a month to celebrate my 70th birthday. I wanted to stay there forever.

    I watched Ghost Writer last night, Polanski's movie. I think the story was drug out a bit too long, but when the story disappoints I usually fall back on the cinematography. It was supposed to have been shot (in part) in CT, they would ferry from the docks not far from the New Haven airport to some island. Windy, rainy and foreboding. Some interesting scenes along the beach and dunes. I wonder if it really was shot there?

    Well I must be on my way, more stops to make. G'day mates.

  5. I checked out Susan Mikua, hmmm I don't know, kind of messes up my brain and I feel a little motion sickness. As a kid I always got car sick riding in the backseat and later as an adult I would sometimes have to be the driver on curvy roads. Same with motor boats but not sailboats. Go figure. Your butterfly has enough in focus for my brain to anchor on...if that makes any sense at all.

  6. LOL - I love you Casey, don't change (well maybe your hair color and its length, if you wish) but the inner you and your heart are worth MORE than their weight in gold.

    Yes, a dual show: The Good, The Blurred and The Focused...

  7. Oh, a PS, posted (my) cottage (but not my work) on the blog. It really is a great little place.

  8. kind of glad to hear that, Annie. I don't really get her work either, and I certainly don't get the fame and notoriety and the SHOWS that she is invited to give all over the country. i'm on her mailing list and she has a major show every couple of months, from Cali to New York to Florida to Detroit. I can't even get a major gallery to answer an email. I can't get HER to answer an email! What's the point of having a 'contact me' on your website if you're not going to contact anyone back? Even IF, and that's a HUGE IF, because I'm not pursuing it anymore, but IF i ever had a 'name' and was able to give shows whenever I wanted, I would TOTALLY be interested in anyone that contacted me. I mean what does it take to hit reply with a few words? I've had some major 'big' people send me a nice, short, from the heart email, so when those that think they're big don't have time, it says a lot about the person.

    oh well. I'm feeling very proud today, I cleaned my place more than it has been cleaned since I moved in, lol. I just had the notion to do it, and I've learned to go with the flow. It has been raining a nice gentle rain all day too, almost the first time since June. No watering for me today! I gained an hour right there.

    But still, Susan Mikula, if you're out there, contact me, lol. With your blurred vision of the world, and my über detailed pieces, we could put a great show on together! : )

  9. haha, I thought I was editing the last comment I made to correct some typos, and it deleted it and posted the corrected version after your reply to it, Annie. I'm not trying to confuse anyone out there! : )