Monday, January 31, 2011

$1.19 Car of the Week #12, Mazda2

As much as l like my supercar Matchboxes, or the rare concept cars sometimes modeled by Johnny Lightning's, what I really enjoy the most in tiny cars are the absolutely bone-stock regular ol' production cars like this Mazda2. There is just something about having a little car that it exactly like what you could buy at the local dealership that I find really enticing. I was like this as a child as well, where I coveted my little Fords and Pontiacs, and my little Fiats and Volkswagens. 

The Mazda2 anchors the bottom of Mazda's American lineup and is a brother under-the-skin to Ford's Fiesta. It's a bit lighter, a bit more basic, and perhaps a bit sportier, thought the Fiesta is every bit its equal on the road or track. Let's just say the Mazda2 has a bit more Zoom, Zoom! Photographed with a brand new 2011 Mazda catalog, freshly off the floor of the Detroit Auto show courtesy of a good friend, this bright red Matchbox takes my much-lauded $1.19 Car of the Week award this week, lol.


  1. That green car almost matches that green thing-a-ma-jig on the lower right side of the $1.19 packaging.

  2. isn't that cool! That little Mazda is sort of "known" for coming in that bright green. Most of the ones you see in magazines are in that green, like the catalog. When I saw the catalog and the Matchbox together, I knew i had to pose them together. I'm not sure why the packaging has that green. It doesn't go with the car or the regular Matchbox orange cardboard.

  3. I'm having a deja vu moment - I feel like I've seen something in this photo before!

  4. Must be part of the plaid painting, lol!

    I just heard Detroit is getting 12-18 inches!!! We're going to be getting mostly ice and sleet, not good for power lines.

  5. I didn't know those Mazda 2s came in any color but the bright green! I'm glad to see you got a red one!

    I saw these (and the Fiestas) at the 2010 New York auto show. I thought the Mazda looked a bit sparse inside and the Fiesta looked a bit overdone. I think something in between would be fine. The Fiesta also seemed a little small inside -- admittedly I'm not Twiggy, but I've rented Nissan Versas and even Chevy Cobalts and found them quite roomy and easy to get in and out of. That's what I like about the Lincoln chop you featured yesterday -- it's small but looks very easy to enter/exit and very roomy.

    Do you still have your little VWs and Fiats from childhood? I'd love to see them -- I like the everyday cars the best!

    Paul, NYC

  6. why I believe I do still have some of those cars. I'll set up a photoshoot soon!

  7. Casey,

    Have you ever thought of hanging up all your matchboxes on a wall, like what you would find in a store so we can get a great view of them all? : )

    I think the only advantage the Ford has over the Mazda are the MPG' and dual clutch, both great little cars, but I've only driven the Fiesta.

    I know both brands went their separate ways for the most part, but I'm wondering if the next Mazda 3 will have any Focus influence to it or not???