Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Obscure Kit of a Rather Obscure Concept Car

Featured today is my Testors scale model kit from 1987 of the Nissan MID4 concept car. This kit was created in conjunction with Fujimi Mokei Co., Ltd. This is a very detailed kit, with an eight-page instruction booklet, including an "errata" page with an updated parts list for the dashboard construction. The kit is molded in white, and includes very detailed instructions for painting various parts, along with the "correct" Testors model paint numbers. Though the kit is the fairly small 1:24 scale and when built the model would be only six inches long, the box it came in is much larger than the usual American 1:24s, 14 x 11 inches by 3 inches deep.

The only "easy" step in this kit seems to be the wheels/tires which come mounted together already. I've never opened the plastic bag containing the parts. I know myself well, and probably would have "test fitted" various assemblies losing parts as I went along, lol.

The 8-page instruction booklet. It seems as detailed as building a real car, lol.

Included is this "correction" sheet for the left-hand drive U.S. model. I was used to more basic American car kits, with the instrument panel already molded in one piece. I found this kit daunting, which explains its unmade condition 23 years after I bought it. I would welcome the challenge today, and probably have the patience to build it, but I don't have the "nerve" to ruin this pristine kit just to add another dust collector on my shelves. It's much cooler in its unmade state.

Also included in the box is this great 4-color sheet of other Testors models from 1987. I would love to have any of them today! This should be pretty clear if enlarged by clicking on the image.
  • I remember this concept car going through several variations back in the day. There was constant talk for a few years of Nissan making a production version of this mid-engined supercar, thought it never did. For a good history of these concepts, click here.


  1. When I was a kid I loved putting together models; boats, cars or airplanes. I really should go out and buy a kit and have it out to work on with my grandson when he comes over.

  2. I think that's a great idea, Annie! You'd both have fun working on it, and if he took it home when it was done, he'd think about you every time he saw it.