Sunday, January 16, 2011

Attic View, January

I cut back my dragon-wing begonia before I brought it in for the winter, center. It's leafing out a bit and has a few blossoms, though they're a much lighter pink than they are in summer. I also cut off several sprigs of the purple tradescanthia that was on the bench in the backyard, and am rooting them so I might not have to buy another one for the summer. There are a few stems of christmas cactus in the begonia pot and they're about the blossom, too.

Antique lace adorns a wooden chair, awaiting a new cane seat. Unfinished baskets on the right await the time and inclination to have their rims completed. They've been in this state for more than twenty-years so I think they might stay this way, lol. A turquoise '55 Buick convertible sits on a pair of vintage wooden skis, and a Chevelle SS454 hangs out next to it. One of my train lanterns hangs on a beam in the back.


  1. The Attic Gardner
    Forced by winter’s chill to retreat
    To places warmed only by the heart
    Flowers bloom in full view of
    Treasures stored from long ago

    The Attic Gardner will not be stilled
    By snow, wind or rain, nor lack of light
    The heart emits a glow of love
    That turns away the darkness of the night

    Until spring rejoins our Mother earth
    And bring back her warmth and rains
    The Attic Gardner will work to stay
    Winter’s often cold and shorter days

    By Artichoke Annie / For Casey

  2. What a sweet poem Annie !
    I don't know about you, but I would love to spent an afternoon perusing this attic space, and the rest of the house, for that matter!

    Casey, I have never heard of a dragon-wing begonia before - is that your description or is it marketed that way ?

    BTW, my Christmas Cactus are in full bloom again! Apparently their internal clocks are as screwed up as mine, lol!

  3. Thanks X, yes, would love to enjoy (bottles of wines) and peruse all the treasures that make up Casey's life. I wonder how long the tour would take?

  4. Annie, It would be the ultimate treasure hunt! I'm sure we could spend a week and still not see everything! We would find things Casey didn't even know he had!
    Introducing wine into the equation could very well extend it even longer than that, lol!

  5. i love that poem, thank you so much Annie!

    I'll put it this way, I've spent my life going through my stuff and I'm never done!

    here's a bit on Dragon Wing begonias. I've had this one for 7-8 years, always bringing it in for the winter. One year I put it on our "sun porch" which doubled as our laundry room, and someone left the door open for a few days, My plants froze, and this begonia was down to just a tiny stem sticking out of the dirt. I brought it in and it grew up again. You really can't kill these, but I never left it in the common space again.: