Monday, January 31, 2011

Lynx—Luxury Compact from Mercury. Sigh.

Before the demise of the Mercury brand earlier this year, I was working on updating their current models, as well as working on all new ones for the fabled marque. It was my idea that Mercury could serve as Ford's high-tech hybrid division, sporty and luxurious, offering all of Ford's futuristic drivetrain choices first. This is how I envisioned a Mercury C segment, or compact, sedan, based on the Ford Focus. I guess all of my hard work was for naught, lol. For more of my Mercury renderings, click on the Mercury Label at the lower right of this blog.


  1. I guess all the Mercurys that you were working on could be easily adjusted to be Lincolns -- Lincoln is supposed to be getting something based on the new Focus before too long. I think the Lynx could work as a Lincoln -- the Lincoln Lynx! Or maybe it would have to be the Lincoln MKL! I wish Lincoln would get rid of those ridiculous MK_ designations. They are annoying!

    Paul, NYC

  2. Nice work! Echoing the above comment; even if Mercury is gone, it would be interesting to see this worked in to a Lincoln concept (I had the same thought about the name, the MKL. Sounds awkward, but at least it would pay some tribute to the Lynx name)

    Acura has a gussied-up version of the Civic in Canada; I'd like to think something like that could work in the USA, too.

  3. thanks! I've used MKL on a "L"arge Lincoln concept to replace the Town Car, but of course it could work here too. MKC would work too, although I've used that for a Coupe of the MKS, lol. I want names, dammit! : )