Thursday, January 27, 2011

Surprise! Huge Snowfall Last Night. Again.

15–18 Inches of New Snow Fell in Less than Eight Hours

Not much is left to be seen of my winter arrangements!  These are in Victorian cast-iron planters almost four-feet tall. The accumulated snow in the yard is almost three-feet high now. It's actually taller than the floor of the porch. I haven't seen this much snow ever. Apparently this is the snowiest January in Connecticut on record—records that go back more than one hundred years.

A small antique home can be seen in the distance creating an almost perfect New England winter scene. This snow is very wet and very heavy, clumping on all of the shrubs and trees.

The three cedar trees in the background on the left are bowing down with the accumulated heavy snow.

The snow is underneath as well as on top of the branches of this cedar tree next to the front porch.

The parking area is bordered by snow walls five feet high in places. There is an overall quiet outside now. The massive snowfall has a sound-absorbing quality. It's eerie but very cool at the same time. Even when speaking, voices tend to drop off quickly almost being sucked down into the snow. I think this is a quality of large snowfalls that is overlooked by many.

This ceramic pot is sitting on an antique milkcan close to three-feet tall. It's dwarfed by the accumulated snow. The snow is slightly taller than the level of the porch floor, which is three full steps up from the ground. The steps can't even be seen; that's the porch floor on the lower left. I have some shoveling to do!


  1. My dad's X3 had a difficult time getting off the driveway this morning, that is took several people including myself to shovel him out. After an hour of shoveling we were able to see some of the black top.
    What a crazy way to start you're morning. I'm wondering if global warming is still true, lol.

  2. Sorry about the snowstorm Casey. It's 70 degrees and sunny here in Detroit, I think I'll have to cut the lawn today, it's getting long.

  3. Yeah, right, PX, lol. I bet your Hibiscus is about to bloom, too!

    I was just going to say that even with all the snow, at least it's a gorgeous day outside. When I took the photos 1/2 hour ago the sky was bluer than it seemed possible. I just looked outside and it's gray, gray, gray. I wonder if we're going to get MORE snow?

  4. I think it's about time I paid another late night visit to X - he is getting just a little bit too frisky.

    I know you hate the snow Casey but it is beautiful - almost has a puppy-dog quality about it, too beautiful not to love. {Well easy for me to say, I'm not trying to dig out and get to work.}




  6. Luckily there wasn't that much snow for me to clear in the livingroom to get to my computer, lol.

  7. Hi Annie - Anytime !
    Let me know in advance though, I've felt rather "drained" lately!

  8. The snow looks beautiful! It's lovely here in the city as well -- every branch and twig was coated this morning and up until 8:30 or so there were just a few footsteps visible on the sidewalks. Now everything is pretty clear as far as the sidewalks are concerned -- not too different than on a rainy day but it's been beautiful. Just as I was reading your post I noticed the sky had gotten grey. I think there's just going to be some snow showers Friday and Saturday. but I'll be we haven't seen the last of the snow for this winter!

    Paul, NYC