Monday, January 31, 2011

Kids on the Street—New Haven 1919

I'm not sure who these kids are, but they must have been acquainted with my grandmother who shot these photos. I have several other negatives with various combinations of children, some with my grandmother in the photo. In the top photo you can see a woman in the doorway who I believe is their mother. I have other photographs of her with women her age and with other children. My grandmother lived in New Haven for a short time, 1918-1919 after her first husband was killed in a diving accident, and I'm guessing these date to that time. These may in fact be relatives of her first husband, but I've no idea. I'm guessing they didn't keep in touch once she remarried in 1925. I'm intrigued by the little girl at the far right in the bottom photo—an unrelated street urchin perhaps? I may have posted these before in black-and-white form, but I duotoned them for today. I'm desperately trying to finish up a book for the publisher by tonight, so I had to see what I had in my files, lol. Happy last day of January, we're going to be getting a three day snow- and ice-storm starting tonight! All photos clickable to enlarge.


  1. Oh what fun these pictures are.

    Somewhere I read a long discussion of societal attitudes toward children that explained how children were really just seen as miniature adults until very recently: certainly the way these kids are dressed backs that up.

  2. I love old photos, it's like opening up a storybook. It don't know if it is the absence of color that makes us focus on the images or that modern day snapshot photo-styles seem to eliminate extraneous backgrounds /

    And of course in the last one - the photo-joker with hand head of boy, at least no devils horns. lol

    Love, love, love the shadows!



  4. Whenever I see vintage photos with young kids, I quickly think of the Little Rascals, lol. Now where is Butch and Alfalfa?