Saturday, January 22, 2011

Photos from a 1980 Car Show, Part 2

More photos from a car show I attended in 1980 with my Thunderbird—Above, another view of the front of a 1932 Packard Light Eight, as identified by Paul NYC. This hood ornament was known as the Goddess of Speed, as she is holding a tire in front of her long, flowing gown and body, but I think it was also affectionately called the doughnut girl, or some variation of that. All photos are clickable to enlarge.

The chrome headlight pods of the Classic Era-inspired 1962 Imperial, designed by Virgil Exner. I still find these Imperials stunning.

1942 Packard 180 Darrin. I can't remember what bodystyle this was, but I'm guessing a convertible roadster. All Darrins are rare, but the sedans are incredibly so. I don't think I realized back then what a treat it was to see one of these in person.

The fabulous Art Deco-inspired 1936 Hudson Terraplane. The ornate streamlined chrome central grille is flanked by body-colored perforated panels, dual headlights, dual external chrome horns and optional dual fog lights. Also included on these Terraplanes was a winged tubular hood ornament complete with red plastic lens that I believe lit up when the lights were turned on.

A mid-Twenties Pierce-Arrow. I didn't write down the year or model, unfortunately. Pierce made famous these headlights, integral with their front fenders decades before the rest of the industry followed suit. "Regular" separate headlights were optionally available to Pierce buyers, I guess they hedged their bets, but I've never seen a Pierce without these really cool fender-mounted lights.




  2. Hello Casey,

    Great Photos . Your really capture the spirit of these cars.

    I went to a Packard Darrin show here at the little known Driving Museum of Los Angeles. Amazing to see a good half dozen or so Darrins together. The sedanS are my favorites as well . I think there were two. I will have to look at the photos...

    I have seen a few photos of Pierce Arrows without the lights...and they look a bit anonymous.The Pierce radiator was not as dynamic as Packard, Rolls or Duesenberg .

    I love the Terraplane's grill! I have some old home movies from the 1930s and in one scene, some folks are walking past one. Its way far in the background, but it shouts TERRAPLANE!

    Once again, great pictures.

  3. I hope there will be Parts 3, 4, etc.!

    I've heard donut chaser for the Goddess of speed, but I like donut girl, too. Those Exner Imperials were so bizarre -- the fins on the 61 were trying to out Cadillac the 59 Cadillac but Cadillac had reined it way in by 61 and of course the Lincoln was extremely tailored. Imperial reined it in for 62 with a return to the split grill of 55/56 and the fabulous fender-top taillights. I can well imagine pulling up to a red carpet in a 62 LeBaron! The Darrin is fabulous -- I've seen them only in museums -- would love to see one on the road. And AP is so right about the Pierce without the fender mounted headlights. Without the Pierce "archer" hood ornament they look a lot like many other heavy classics of the era.

    I'm watching the Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction on Speed right now but the cars are not really what interests me -- they are all resto-rods (which I can appreciate) or extreme muscle cars. When they show the staging area, there are always some cars I'd like to see more of but they seem never to get shown on the broadcast -- like a Packard Station Sedan and a 56 DeSoto convertible.

    Paul, NYC

  4. I've got Part 3 ready to go, and will have to go back to the contact sheets and start scanning for more parts, lol.

    I was such a baby back in 1980, just 23. I really hadn't developed much of an eye, but it wasn't for lack of trying. I carried my trusty Nikon around everywhere. Now I look at these photos, and think of all sorts of other angles that would have been cool, but you cant' go home again!
    : )

  5. Awesome pics and love the vintage tint with each picture. The Terraplane looks like a train, I guess to pay tribute to the Guilded Age/Carnegie era, whereas the designs in the 60's paid homage to Jets and rockets

  6. thanks. they're all plain black and white photos but I duotoned them for a bit of artandcolour for the blog, lol.

  7. Casey, you're my hub's tender age! I robbed the cradle. Muhahahaha

    I love these pics. Pure artwork. Thanks! You had the beginnings of a very good eye, even then. :)