Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All In A Night's Work

Enclave Wildcat 4 door pickup would use the divisions most powerful drivetrains, and feature a powered rear tonneau cover.

C H O P — The Buick Enclave was introduced in May of 2007, so these chops probably date to the summer of that year. I was routinely posting at Motor Trend's forums at that time, posting my chops and disagreeing with posters in most of the other topics most of the time, lol. 

The question came up of what an Enclave pickup would look like, and I took an hour between posts and made the gray 2 door 'El Camino' type vehicle below. Then someone else said a 4 door version would make more sense. Rather than modify the chop I had just finished, which I hate to do, I started with a different view and was just going to rough it out. The more I got into it though, the more I liked it, shown above in green. You'll notice a 3 piece rear tonneau cover on this chop. The three pieces would be powered, and would roll back onto themselves and fold near the rear window. I found tri-colored Buick shields for the wheels, and added built-in grab handles on the rear C pillars. I went a bit crazy with the hood ventiports, placing 5 of them. We all know that 4 is the most Buick has ever used. Let's chalk it up to the quickness of the chop, and perhaps the third Stella . . . As far as these vehicles go, I think either of these Buicks would look right at home at the garden center or the home-improvement store.

2 door Enclave SUT, er, picks up where the El Camino left off.

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