Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh Noes! Am I Responsible for the New Acura "Power Plenum" Grille Treatment

Acura Legend coupe chop from 2007. Besides the new grille treatment I chopped here, I'd love to see Acura's flagship line include a 2 door, hopefully pillarless, as I created here.

CH O P — This is a chop from very early in my chopping 'career.' This generation of RLs lacks a coupe and they lack the very well-known Legend nameplate as well. I created this coupe, in the personal luxury style I like so much. The front grille treatment I added was just a way to highlight the Acura 'calipers' logo more. I had no idea that Acura would ever take my chop and run with it, lol. I just wish they had used the 2 door coupe part as well.

Actual 2010 Acura RL showing their current grille used on every Acura in the lineup now.


  1. And yet, your version of the grille looks infinitely better...

  2. thanks! I think the severe angularity of the new Acura bodies is off-putting too. the TL looks like it could cut you from behind, and the weird ZDX is just an alien... I like the Aztek II I created from the ZDX: