Monday, March 8, 2010

Get the #$!% Away From Me : )

My Monday morning visage for most of my life.

C O L L E C T I O N — '59 Caddy or Easter Island moai? This is another early 1980s photograph of mine, shot at that 'final resting place' for junked luxury cars I've featured in earlier posts. This photo shows the '59 Sedan de Ville in 4 window hardtop style, better known as the Flattop model. The rear C pillars were as thin as the B pillars, and the rear window wrapped fully around to the sides. The roof itself seemed to be cantilevered, and projected over the rear window in an overhang. GM's full sized car line utilized this same roof for '59. In fact, '59s cars were so rushed to production after seeing Chrysler's '57 models, that every GM division shared roofs and even front door skins with each other, from Chevy to Caddy for that one model year. It was a tremendous job on the part of GM's stylists, that this fact was little known for years and years.

Notice the 1960 Cadillac coupe reflected on the sides of the '59. You can see the lowered, and 'shaved' fins that appeared that year. The taillight 'eyes' were replaced with a slender vertical unit, beautifully integrated into the smoother vertical fins. GM stylists were golden back then, entering into the William Mitchell period at this point in time, as Harley Earl retired during this time, with some of GM's best styling yet to come.

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