Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hard Times

"Unwilling to work eleven hours a day" is one reason given on the multiple unemployment "pink slips" used in this piece.

O N   W O O D — This piece utilizes several examples of a troubled life during the World War 2 era. I've included in this collage divorce papers, gas rationing coupons, pink slips from multiple job losses, as well as a wartime telegram from a buddy overseas to his friend back home that had been injured in the war. 

This piece is 32x20 inches on three joined antique boards, including a knot hole. There is a beautiful slight curvature to these planks, much like an old wooden floor may have settled in places. I choose my base woods depending on their color, their grains, their unique 'signatures' including knots, grooves, and other well-worn imperfections. I've left some of the wood exposed, to show the beautiful graining in it. The piece is finished with a pearl glaze and multiple coats of non-yellowing polyurethane to last indefinitely—longer than the marriage did, longer than those jobs lasted, longer than the war lasted. 

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