Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reflective Side Graphics NOT Optional This Time Around: Skyhawk Reenters Compact Arena

Twin-charged Direct-Injected Inline 4 with Hybrid-assisted drivetrain standard on this new hatchback by Buick that seats 4 on individual Recaro buckets. Hatchback does not equal cheap, basic transportation at premium division of GM. Click image to see it's gorgeousness in greater detail, lol.

C H O P — This sporty Buick hatchback coupe is based on a profile photo of the Maserati GranTurismo coupe. The Skyhawk from the 1980s was based on the Vega/Monza platform, and anchored the bottom of the Buick lineup back then. Over-the-top options included a full-length decal along the sides that reflected at night when lights shined on it. Four cylinder and V6 engines were offered, but the car never fooled anyone—it was cheap transportation in its lowliest '80s guise.

My chop would give Buick a very economical, very aggressive entry in the small coupe market. Befitting Buick's place in GM's lineup this time around, the interior would be upscale, featuring Recaro leather buckets for all 4 passengers. The drivetrain would be a brand new 4 cylinder, with both a turbocharger and a supercharger, in addition to a mild hybrid-assisted transmission. Economy could be in the high 40s city, with acceleration times in the 6 second range from 0-60. Yes, the best of both worlds, economy and rapidity will be offered in this hot new GM sport coupe.


  1. OK, now you are having just too much fun. Taking a the lowly Skyhawk and resurrecting it off a Maserati is a flight of imagination that only artists and Buick lovers could launch. Well done.

  2. LOL, thank you! you have to admit, I certainly put the 'fake' in fake cars. : ) hope you'll continue to enjoy my site.

  3. Do I detect SLR in the greenhouse...?
    Either way, the FatMAN WANTS!

  4. well, if the Fatman wants. . . : )

    i just modified the Maserati greenhouse, but it does have a bit of SLR to it now that you mention it.

  5. dude when does it come out because i already have a 78 model and would like to see how this would turn out

    1. Cool car you have! Unfortunately I don't work for any car company so you won't see this on the streets anytime soon. Good luck with your '78! Those little Monza-based sport coupes and sedans were so cool.