Monday, March 1, 2010

Double Chop to the Past. Needs Full Restoration.

Unfortunately, a sight unseen in any field at any time. Click to enlarge.

C H O P — This is one of my favorite chops, low-resolution as it is. Googling images one night, I found this photo of a carcass of a '62 Lincoln 4 door 'suicide door' hardtop, sitting in a field. I believe it was for sale, or had just been bought, hence the small image values. I wondered what it would look like as a coupe, and chopped it into one. Then I decided to go to phase 2, lol, and I fitted the chopped coupe with a version of Lincoln's new styling cue, the split-wing grille. I wanted to see what a classic slabsides would look like if the current split grille had been used by Lincoln in the sixties too. So this is a fake front end on a fake coupe, and the whole thing needs a bit of TLC to bring back to "original" condition. Don't know why, but this is definitely one of my faves. I'd like to  create a real '61-'63 LC coupe someday. Baby Jane Hudson will have a comeback too.

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