Tuesday, March 16, 2010

'Bu with Two

Whatever happened to bodystyle choices? Bring back 2 door hardtops!

C H O P — Almost all of the cars my father brought home when I was growing up, were 2 door pillarless hardtops. We had the occasional wagon, or sedan, but the vast majority of family cars were 2 doors. In the last 15 years, bodystyles of new cars almost entirely consist of 4 doors and SUVs. Many of my chops are sedans made into coupes, for the very basic reason that the pillarless coupe is my favorite type of car. Here is a relatively plebian Malibu, with a flowing roof and pillarless construction. You can see I added slight flying buttresses to the C pillars, in a nod to the '66 and '67 GM intermediate coupes.

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